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A Finchley Greek School Assembly
Finchley Greek School

Twenty four years ago, when parents in the Greek Community of Finchley were setting up the Independent Greek School of Finchley, their main desire was to offer the opportunity to children in and around Finchley to learn their heritage language and preserve a history and culture that had enlightened the western world.


The founding members sought to encourage the active involvement of parents and friends so that the School would become a model of high standards and achievement in Community Education.


Twenty four years on, the School has become a model of educational excellence much admired and envied by other Supplementary Schools with much longer histories.


Finchley Independent Greek School is administered by a democratically elected Committee at each year’s Annual Parents General Meeting.


The School is independent of any political party and ideology. Political involvement goes against the School’s aims and objectives.




The School follows a Curriculum based on schemes of work outlined by the Greek Education and Culture. 


GCSE and A’ Level classes follow the Language National Curriculum and take University of London Examinations. All four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - are taught throughout the school with special emphasis in speaking. Communication is central in language teaching at Finchley. Communications are the key word and central to all its activities.


The School has a well established class for non Greek speaking children and the Adult class has been set up seven years ago. We cater for all ages and abilities! We are perhaps one of the few truly comprehensive community schools. As well as the Greek Language, the children are taught the History, Geography, Drama, Music and Dance of Greece and Cyprus.


Our Greek Christian Orthodox beliefs are observed throughout the school year.


This is all made possible by a team of well qualified, experienced, but mostly committed teachers who under the direction of the headmaster aim to take the school in new heights.


The pupils in turn represent the school in many cultural and educational events, both here and abroad. Their most recent turn achievement have been in GCSE and A’ Level examinations. 

School times are Friday 6 - 8pm and Saturday 2 - 5pm and Friday classes begin from Year 1.

Results 2018/2019

The results were excellent last year at Finchley Greek School. 

GCSE       One 9 (excellent), two 6 and one 4

A LEVEL    Three A, one B and two C




We aspire to better things and for that purpose, children, teachers, parents and friends of the School will unite and work together to achieve our aspirations.